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The company is a well-established organisation which specialises in the design and manufacture of plush toys animal-looking models, puppets models and doll garments.Wally plush toy manufacturer with over 20 years experience,  a team of skilled designers and workforce who take pride in bringing the plush toys to life.  It is in an outstanding position in providing a diverse range of models in different sizes. The whole range includes high quality and standard products such as; baby pieces, local items, and wild animal collections. It also consists of educational/pedagogical plush toys so as to meet the clients’ requirements at targeted price.
Among its diverse range of more than 1000 models in different sizes, we offer 100% Mauritian made products such as the famous Dodo, Green Parrot, Tortoise and Gecko amongst others.
Doudou bonnet 08/698/25
These charming Dodos are specially designed to cater for the little ones! They are made out of soft ...
As from : 16€
Crabe orange 07/596/18
This orange crab of 18 cms can easily end up as the kids’ favourite toy as it is lots of fun t...
As from : 12€
Clown Fish 07/594/21
This clown fish of 21 cms is a perfect decoration in any kids’ rooms and why not display it in...
As from : 12€
Tortue de mer
Turtle soft toy – this small turtle can fit in just about anywhere and is sure to delight!&nbs...
As from : 14€
Tortue de terre97/818/30
The appealing tortoise soft toy of 30 cms is irresistibly cute and cuddly! Unique gifts for pets lov...
As from : 18€
Blue Gecko 10/995/ 35
These Geckos which are well-known in Mauritius with their striking array of colours will undeniab...
As from : 20€
Poisson rouge bleu jaune vert 00/053/ 35
Another great addition is this colourful  Plush fish soft  toy which is a standout in Wall...
As from : 16€
Dodo Classic 92/364/25
This small white fluffy Dodo of 25 cms is another fascinating toy to be added to your collect...
As from : 41€
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