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Blue Safari Submarine
Blue Safari Submarine, the only submarine base in the Indian Ocean, began his
operation in September 1998.

Ultimate family adventure, Blue Safari Submarine has the opportunity to be
an experience rare in the world, rich in emotions and memories,
the submarine BS1100 (10 seats + driver)dives by 35 meters deep.

For 40 minutes you will discover coral reefs, fantastic wreck of the `Star
Hope, an anchor  from the 17th century and surrounded by permanently
mixed fish of many colors such as surgeon fish, and Captains

Quite consistent with our imagination by its structure and layout,
the submarine allows BS1000 very good vision of the underwater world through his window.
A camera located on the bridge send images of the impressive submarine immersion
produce  inside on a television screen,  Ballasts arecontrolled by pneumatic valves,
the operation is fascinating.

An adventure not to miss from  2 to  90 years old.

Special Packages:
Exclusivity - Sole usage of the BS600
Duration 2 hours of which 40 minutes underwater
Wedding - Sole usage of the BS600
Duration 2 hours of which 40 minutes undewater
including a bottle of champagne and a souvenir video
Underwater  Lunch - Sole usage of the BS600
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes of which 1hr 30 mins underwater
A lunch at 35 meters of depth (maximum 2 persons)
Champagne by 35 meters - sole usage of the BS600
Duration: 2 hr 40 mins  (maximum of 4 persons)
including snacks and a bottle of champagne
A lunch at 35 minutes of depth
Sub Scooters Rates
Duration 2 hours of which 40 minutes underwater  for couple
Also available exclusive usage of the subscooter (1 person )

Your transportation from the hotel or bungalow tour is not included in the price.
Visit the rental car to book a ride.

A discharge form to be filled.
48 hours advance notice

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made 72 hours before the visit by email please.
100% of cancellation fee in case of no show the day of visit
100% of cancellation fee if the customer decides on the spot not to visit
50% of cancellation fee for cancellations 48 hours of the visit.
as per our terms of use

Option Adult Price Children Price
Blue Safari Standard Dive 97 € 58 €
Blue Safari Exclusivity - Sole Usage of the B S600 (40 minutes) 618 €
Wedding Sole Usage of the BS600 max 5 persons Duration 2 hours of which 40 minutes underwater 1236 €
Underwater Lunch Sole usage of the BS600 including lunch by 35 meters depth and a bottle of wine 2 pax 1465 €
Blue Safari Champagne by 35 metres sole usage of the BS 600 (max 4 pax) 801 €
Submarine + Subscooters including a free lunch at Mont Choisy Hotel 142 € 119 €
Exclusive Usage of the Subscooter 1 pax 97 €
Subscooter Couple (for two pax) 124 €
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